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  • Automatic 50cc (including 90cc semi-automatic for stroke) - 6 to 8 years. 50cc Fully automatic machines only. Wheel Sizes not to exceed 14" front, 12" rear. Mag Wheels must be fully covered. Black numbers on a white background.

  • Junior 65cc - 7 to 10 years .65cc maximum Maximum wheel sizes 14” front, 12” rear, White numbers on a Black background.

  • Small Wheel Intermediate 85cc - 9 to 12 years (150cc maximum four stroke). Minimum rider age 10 years. Maximum wheel sizes 17” front, 14” rear. White numbers on a Red background.

  • Big wheel Intermediate Open 85cc - 11 to 15 years. (150cc maximum four stroke) Maximum wheel sizes 19” front, 16” rear. White numbers on a British Racing Green background.

  • Senior 125cc/250cc Four Stroke - 14 to 17 years. 144cc maximum two stroke (250cc maximum four stroke). Minimum rider age 14 years. Maximum wheel sizes 21” front, 19” rear White numbers on a blue background.

  • AMX Class 16 years or more. 144cc 2 stroke maximum or 250cc four stroke maximum. Maximum wheel size 21” front, 19” rear. White numbers on a Black background.

  • AMX Open Class 16 years or more. Open capacity (any cc). Maximum wheel size 21” front, 19” rear. Black numerals on a Yellow background.

  • Vets AMX and AMX Open (as above)  35 years or older

  • Novices Open class anny bike, any age rider 16 or over.


Where age overlaps occur, riders must decide at the commencement of the season, which year group they intend to compete within for that year and then, remain in that group for the entire season.


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